10 Insanely Great Guns N' Roses Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Hear B sides, alternate versions and other crucial rarities from resurgent hard-rock gods

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"Just Another Sunday"

Guns N' Roses released 30 songs across both of the two Use Your Illusion volumes, but the sessions for the project stretched well over 18 months, and plenty of tunes wound up on the cutting room floor. One of the most intriguing ones to surface in the bootleg world is "Just Another Sunday," which finds Axl pleading with a lost love for another chance. "I touch your eyes and it shades my life blue," he sings.  "There's something I need to say before it's too late/But I won't hold you back, while I'm begging you to stay." The rough, unfinished track would have been one of the poppiest songs on Use Your Illusion, which is likely why they chucked it. Had they taken more time with it, however, it could have been a classic.

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