10 Insanely Great Guns N' Roses Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Hear B sides, alternate versions and other crucial rarities from resurgent hard-rock gods

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"Goodnight Tonight"

A sharp contrast to Appetite for Destruction's caustic ragers, the joyful, boogie-ing rave-up "Goodnight Tonight" dates back to 1986 and finds Axl and Co. at their most blissful. The speedy, messy song is playful, catchy and heavy — a rare combo that Guns N' Roses excelled at. Live renditions of the song were so rare that there is only one performance, and neither a demo nor an officially recorded version has ever made the rounds. However, Izzy Stradlin has kept the mysterious song alive by playing it at his shows with the Ju Ju Hounds after he left the group.