10 Insanely Great Guns N' Roses Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Hear B sides, alternate versions and other crucial rarities from resurgent hard-rock gods

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"Bring It Back Home"

Guns N' Roses' affection for Aerosmith and Nazareth is hard to miss in this bluesy demo from around the Use Your Illusion sessions. With a chunky, Rocks-style riff and Rose relying on his lower register, "Bring It Back Home" doesn't as much charge out of the gate as stomp. It's greasy, gritty and full of street-strutting attitude — which makes you wonder how the overly slick UYI albums might have sounded had Guns continued down this path. In fact, it's the more natural progression from Appetite. Even Rose's delivery, as he spits out lines about a "dog in heat" and how his "baby gives it up for free," has more in common with the rhythm of "Nightrain" and Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" (which GN'R covered on "The Spaghetti Incident?") than anything on UYI. Tying it all together are two signature Rose ad libs — a growling, elastic "oooh" to kick things off and, as a coda, a maniacal funhouse laugh. The only thing funny about "Bring It Back Home," however, is how a track this promising never saw the light of day.

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