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"Everything Works If You Let It" (1980)

In the early Eighties, Cheap Trick were a ubiquitous presence on movie soundtracks, and the band churned out made-to-order theme songs for teen movies like Spring Break, Up the Creek and the animated (and highly recommended) post-apocalyptic Rock and Rule. And while you can hear Trick making the rock & roll sausage on some of the aforementioned (and nonetheless all highly listenable) numbers, "Everything Works If You Let It," an uptempo rocker with a killer riff and descending psychedelic bridge, stands with their best work. The track plays under the title credits of Roadie, a 1980 cult classic that features cameos by Blondie, Roy Orbison and Alice Cooper, and stars none other than Meatloaf as Travis W. Redfish, a beer-delivery truck driver who leaves home when he discovers that his ability to fix anything make him the ultimate touring professional.