10 Insanely Great Cheap Trick Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Explore Illinois power-pop kings' hidden gems, from early-career deep cuts to soundtrack one-offs

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"Reach Out" (1981)

"Reach Out" is another soundtrack gem, this time from 1981' s Heavy Metal, an animated fantasy film that also included musical contributions from Sammy Hagar, Black Sabbath, Journey and Grand Funk Railroad. Guitarist Rick Nielsen traditionally handled the bulk of Cheap Trick's songwriting duties, but "Reach Out" has the distinction of being one of only a few tracks penned by Pete Comita, the first of two replacements for bassist Tom Petersson after his departure from the band in 1980 (he would return in 1987). The song's introductory buzzing synth riff and outro motif are very much the products of a bygone era, but drummer Bun E. Carlos infuses "Reach Out" with a post–Ringo Starr swing that is truly timeless.

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