10 'Farewell' Tours That Didn't Stick

Members of the biggest bands ever to return from retirement on why they quit – and why they came back

Judas Priest (2011)

What They Said Then: "It's not exactly the end of the band; it's just the fact that we won't really be doing any more world tours. In general, this is probably the last chance you'll get to see Priest live.” - Glen Tipton, 2011

Years Until Next Tour: Two

Explanation: "We, uh, lied. It's pretty arduous out there – almost two years, the last one, playing two-and-a-half hours every night, four or five shows a week. But we enjoyed every second of it. And we said that at the end of it, we weren't gonna do any more world tours, but we didn't rule out any dates. And we just got so enthused with the new album and everything that we put some dates in, and we'll see where it goes from there." - Glenn Tipton, 2013