10 Classic Album Concerts We'd Like to See: From Dylan to Madonna

Now that the mighty U2 have given into the trend, we're calling out other major acts we'd love to see play a landmark LP

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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, 'Damn the Torpedoes'

Tom Petty originally planned on playing Wildflowers straight through this year, but it eventually morphed into a 40th anniversary tour with Wildflowers pushed back to some point in the future. But there's no reason he still can't do a beloved album at some of the shows. The obvious choice is Damn the Torpedoes. That means big hits – like "Refugee," "Here Comes My Girl" and "Even the Losers" – along with lesser-known songs, such as "Louisiana Rain" and "You Tell Me." As long as he's at it, he should also do the amazing B-side "Casa Dega" from that time period. An Echo tour also remains in our fantasies, but we gotta be somewhat realistic here.

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