10 Classic Album Concerts We'd Like to See: From Dylan to Madonna

Now that the mighty U2 have given into the trend, we're calling out other major acts we'd love to see play a landmark LP

Black Sabbath, 'Paranoid'

The clock is ticking quickly on this one since Black Sabbath play their final concert February 4th in their hometown of Birmingham, England. But they're very close to making this happen already though since the current show features six of the eight tracks from 1970's Paranoid. "Electric Funeral" was in the rotation as recently as 2013, so all they'd need to do is learn "Planet Caravan." Black Sabbath is a band that likes a lean, consistent setlist, so we can't imagine this happening, but it would be a great parting gift to the fans. Sure, it would be even cooler to hear Masters of Reality or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but we gotta be somewhat realistic here.