10 Best Things We Saw at Electric Zoo 2015

Multimedia spectacle, high-energy beats reign at drama-free dance-music bacchanal

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Best Visuals: The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers Justice Apple2/10

Best Visuals: The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have been performing since before many of the Electric Zoo DJs — and attendees — were born, and their knowledge and experience were evident during their Friday main-stage set, which succeeded without relying on heavy drills, drops and tricks. The big-beat duo offered a perfect mix of old and new, though the newer tracks, like this year's "Go" and 2007's "Do It Again," were two of the biggest crowd-pleasers. The Brothers also presented savvy visual accompaniment in the form of psychedelic clips and references to their own filmography — including repeated use of the terrifying clown seen in their 2012 Don't Think movie.

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