10 Best Things We Saw at Electric Zoo 2015

Multimedia spectacle, high-energy beats reign at drama-free dance-music bacchanal

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Best Sensory Overload: Glitch Mob
Justice Apple9/10

Best Sensory Overload: Glitch Mob

Walking into the Hilltop Arena on Sunday during Glitch Mob's evening set felt like entering a rave on a spaceship. The trio looked like our fearless alien commanders from behind their complex booth, complete with ornately designed drums and prominently displayed red sample boards. The indoor stage felt like a cloud of smoke, light and sound as the Mob's gritty, dystopian show sent hearts racing and eyes darting to follow the many the visual stimulants on their stage. The multimedia spectacle transformed Tupac's "California Love" into a sci-fi journey through Southern California, while Glitch Mob's own "I Need My Memory Back" and "Carry the Sun" became cinematic scores for a movie starring the entire audience.

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