10 Best Things We Saw at Electric Zoo 2015

Multimedia spectacle, high-energy beats reign at drama-free dance-music bacchanal

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Best Reason to Come Early: Jackal
Jackal Justice Apple5/10

Best Reason to Come Early: Jackal

A 1 p.m. set at Electric Zoo is less than ideal, but Jackal woke everyone up with a bass-heavy Saturday performance in the tented Hilltop Arena. Given the rising U.K. DJ-producer's moniker, song titles ("Chinchilla," "Animal Style"), and colorful visuals featuring neon sketches of animals running and moving in time to the music, he fit in extremely well with the weekend's immersive zoo theme. His trap-heavy set was both dynamic and rousing, drawing a growing crowd of early-risers needing a pick-me-up to survive Day 2 of the festival. Jackal hit a hard-to-beat high note toward the end of his set when played a remix of Missy Elliott's "Work It." As soon as the rapper said, "This the kind of beat that goes...," Jackal dropped the bass and set the tone for the rest of the fest.

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