10 Best Things We Saw at Electric Zoo 2015

Multimedia spectacle, high-energy beats reign at drama-free dance-music bacchanal

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Best Mash-Up: Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat Justice Apple10/10

Best Mash-Up: Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat's Friday set started strong with Travis Scott's excellently named "Maria I'm Drunk" and only got better from there, as the Norwegian producer proceeded to intercut songs like Future's "I Thought It Was a Drought" and Migos' "Hannah Montana" throughout his syrupy, trap-heavy turn. The real highlight came toward the end, though, when Cashmere Cat threw on Vapordog's mash-up of Silento's "Watch Me" and Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" that turned the Vine-famous hit into a soothing pop ballad.