10 Best Things We Saw at Electric Zoo 2015

Multimedia spectacle, high-energy beats reign at drama-free dance-music bacchanal

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Best Hair Flips: DVBBS
Justice Apple8/10

Best Hair Flips: DVBBS

As the Sunday sun began to set, the Van den Hoef brothers of DVBBS filled what felt like the entire park with energy and bass. The two Jon Snow look-alikes launched their set by jumping off their booth and letting the fog and confetti shroud the audience. The bros' bro-y energy was confirmed by their indulgence in making the audience repeatedly scream, "Hey, we want some pussy!" But the pair's synchronized headbanging made that vibe seem almost artistic, as the Van den Hoefs flipped their shoulder-length curls in aggressive, frenetic unison. Between the drills and drops, the boys showed that their set was primarily a celebration of being young and dope, adding in Dillon Francis' "When We Were Young" along with their own "We Were Young."

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