10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches From Season 41

From Presidential impersonations to one masterpiece of a game-show sketch, our top 'SNL' picks from last season

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2. 'Racists for Trump'

SNL's fake ads were on fire this season — remember that jaw-dropping Guns bit from the Amy Schumer episode, or the premiere's "Abilify" drug commercial for hopeless presidential candidates? This political spot, however, was the year's MVP, as well as one of the show's few Trump-related skits with teeth. Look, it's no secret that the likely Republican party's nominee has been tapping into a collective sense of hate as campaign fuel, which has resulted in some straight-up racist bullshit at his rallies. (That doesn't even take into account some of his questionable associations, either.) But the manner in which this ad calls all this out while deftly sending up the "morning in America" style of most campaign ads is, in a word, brilliant. That moment when Taran Killiam lifts his arm and the swastika armband comes into view still makes us gasp, even after two dozen viewings.

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