10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches From Season 41

From Presidential impersonations to one masterpiece of a game-show sketch, our top 'SNL' picks from last season

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5. 'Farewell, Mr. Bunting'

Our SNL recapper Ryan McGee singled this out as one of the entire season's laugh-out-loud highlights, much less one of the finale's best moments, and we're not inclined to disagree with him. It's best if you know as little as possible about this Pythonesque sketch going into it — only that it takes place within an oppressive prep school, complete with a fascist headmaster (way to sell the old-school dickishness, Bobby Moynihan), a beloved teacher on the way out and the students he inspired. And then just when you wonder where this Dead Poets Society parody is going, it drops its bombshell. Bravo, good sirs. Bravo.

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