10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches From Season 41

From Presidential impersonations to one masterpiece of a game-show sketch, our top 'SNL' picks from last season

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3. 'Bern Your Enthusiasm'

It took exactly one guest appearance from the Seinfeld co-creator as the good senator from Vermont to forever meld the performer and the politician together in the public's mind — at this point, Larry David's recurring Bernie Sanders impersonation has become as iconic as Tina Fey's devastating Sarah Palin. Though his first drop-in (pictured at the top of this list) gave viewers that glorious "oh my god, yes!" moment and David's cranky jousting with Kate McKinnon's Machiavellian Hilary Clinton in the season finale were indeed stand-outs moments, we're going with this bit as David's ultimate Feel His Signature Bern moment. It's the perfect seamless melding of Greatest Larry Hits and the closest we may ever get to a new Curb episode. Also, Cecily Strong's foul-mouthed Susie Greene deserves her own show opposite the actual Susie Essman. Call it Going Greene. Make it happen, you %$#@&!

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