10 Best Music Videos of 2016

Beyoncé, David Bowie and a dancing robot highlight the year in visuals

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9. Kanye West, "Fade"

Director: Eli Russell Linnetz

Given the obvious suggestive possibilities, videos about exercise have been around since the earliest days of MTV, going back to Olivia Newton-John's 1981 clip for "Physical." (Other leotard-heavy entries over the years include Eric Prydz's "Call on Me," David Banner's "Play" and Ariana Grande's recent SoulCycle promo "Side to Side.") Teyana Taylor stretching, stalking, thrusting and showering in the video for Kanye West's "Fade" is a formidable new look at an old subject. Just in his mid-20s, director Eli Russell Linnetz wasn't born when the main inspirations for "Fade" were originally released: Flashdance, Ohio Players album covers, Jean-Paul Goude's images of Grace Jones and porn from the days when it was shot on film. Still, it's hard to imagine it existing anytime besides right now. Though West himself doesn't appear in "Fade," it was his concept, and captures his brash, often very weird vision of pop stardom.

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