10 Best Music Videos of 2014

From Taylor Swift's luxurious mansion freakout to OG Maco's low-budget hotel turn-up, the best clips of the year

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8. Brooke Candy, "Opulence"

Directed by Steven Klein
Mixing tropes of exploitation flicks and film noir, Brooke Candy's "Opulence" is at once decadent and trashy. Director Steven Klein has previously worked on videos with Madonna and Lady Gaga, and it shows in the bondage pleather, McQueen-esque jeweled face masks and platinum blonde hair. The opening scene, where Candy snaps the neck of a skinhead bruiser who owes her money then spits on his corpse, might actually be the least disturbing part of the whole clip. It's fun to imagine Candy's life is actually like this — nothing but leather orgies, bedazzled nipple clips and Lynchian night-driving.

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