10 Best Music Books of 2016

From the stage to the page: The year's best memoirs, essay collections and more

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'Not Dead Yet: The Memoir,' by Phil Collins

'Not Dead Yet: The Memoir,' by Phil Collins

If the title of memoir Not Dead Yet didn't make it clear, Phil Collins has never been afraid to poke fun at himself. He knows that 1980s hits like "Sussudio" and "One More Night" are pretty much the complete opposite of cool and hip, and he knows that he'll forever be known as the guy that divorced his wife by fax machine and wrote "In the Air Tonight" after witnessing a murder. (Those last two things are completely untrue, but it barely matters at this point.) But he also knows there's a huge army of Genesis and Collins solo fans dying to know every detail of his incredible life, and he serves it all up with incredible candor. Collins explains how he hit rock bottom after his wife left him in the mid-2000s and took their young kids with her. He eventually winds up a sad drunk forcibly sent to a rehab center after nearly dying of pancreatitis. The book nearly wraps up on that grim note, but thankfully he cleans up, re-marries his third wife, moves back in with the kids and begins plotting a comeback tour that begins next year. It will hopefully provide a happy next chapter of an unexpectedly sad and difficult life. A.G.

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