10 Best Mixtapes of 2013

The absolute cream of the non-label hip-hop crop

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ZMoney, 'Rich B4 Rap'
Courtesy of ZMoney9/10

9. ZMoney, 'Rich B4 Rap'

In an age where mixtapes are rolled out with more fanfare than most albums, ZMoney is a throwback to the days when delivering free rap music was a rogue act instead of a bullet point on a business plan. Without warning, he dropped two full mixtapes on the same day in June, the better of which, Rich B4 Rap, blends the effortless hookiness of classic Gucci Mane with the stoned, sing-song warble that has become a key component of underground rap music. On "Everything," the Windy City rebel asks, "Don't you wish you could wake up and go buy everything?" Delivered by an artist who's got concepts coming out of his ears, that sense of wonderment bodes well.

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