10 Best Mixtapes of 2013

The absolute cream of the non-label hip-hop crop

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Vic Mensa, 'Innanetape'
Courtesy of Vic Mensa7/10

7. Vic Mensa, 'Innanetape'

While his friend Chance the Rapper pulls from the soul music of his parents' record collection,Vic Mensa revives the energetic funk of N.E.R.D., even going so far as to call in long lost Star Trak singer Kenna for the introspective "Fear and Doubt." Though he and Chance share a delirious flow and a keen eye for both self and society, Mensa's Innanetape is a bright blast of summertime sunshine highlighted by paeans to orange soda ("Orange Soda"), drugs ("Tweakin"), and, well, life ("Lovely Day").

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