10 Best Mixtapes of 2013

The absolute cream of the non-label hip-hop crop

Rich Homie Quan, 'Still Goin' In Reloaded'
Courtesy of Rich Homie Quan10/10

10. Rich Homie Quan, 'Still Goin' In Reloaded'

Rich Homie Quan's aqueous taunt "Type of Way" was one of the breakout rap hits of 2013, a song so addictive that Drake said he wished he had written it. There's nothing quite as good on his 20-song mixtape, released in February, but "Differences" and "Party" might have become anthems too if his first smash wasn't sucking up all the oxygen. Quan might not be quite as ingenious as Future, but he’s carving out his own nasty, gritty niche.