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Whitest Taino Alive, 'Manda Nudes'

Whitest Taino Alive, 'Manda Nudes'

Manda Nudes by Dominican Republic's Whitest Taino Alive is brash and hilarious, filled with esoteric slang, tongue-in-cheek narcissism and saucy salutes to full-bodied women (and that's just on "Mi Musa," a wonderful ode to nalgas). And while MCs Jon Blon Jovi and Domincanye West deliver another roundhouse of uproarious vulgarity laced with sports and pop-culture references, producer DaBeat Ortiz' incorporation of merengue ("QLON"), bachata ("La Empanada") and Atlanta rap ("Ella Tiene Novia") into their signature sound shows growth from a collective that could have grown quickly stale. A.C.

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