10 Best Latin Albums of 2017

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Playa Gotica, 'Amigurumi'

Playa Gotica, 'Amigurumi'

Buoyed by glitz, grime and glamour, Chile's Playa Gótica bring their enigmatic allure to the mosh pit on Amigurumi. Produced by Dënver's Milton Mahan, their incandescent cuts get sassy on "Cosita," a jam propelled by infectious basslines that evoke Blur's poppiest moments. "Pigman" tears into shoegaze territory with fuzz-laden guitar, before entering more indie-pop terrain. Meanwhile, they cozy up for a slow-burning ballad on the simmering "Isla Negra." Singer Fanny Leona's honeyed pipes often take the spotlight as she sings of female empowerment and playful hookups. Whether they dip into dance-punk madness or kitschy pop reverie, Playa Gótica's punchy debut conjures the exhilaration of a new crush. I.R.

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