10 Best Latin Albums of 2017

Ozuna, Bomba Estéreo, Residente and more

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Ozuna, 'Odisea'

Ozuna, 'Odisea'

With "Despacito"'s meteoric rise to prominence, a myriad of reggaeton tunes spread through the Americas like wildfire. While some went out as quickly as they lit up, a few continue to ignite dance floors the world over. Among them are songs on the all-killer, no-filler Odisea, the intoxicating debut of 2017 breakout star Ozuna. His voice soothes like a plush pillow over arresting dembow rhythms, tugging craftily at your hips in "Dile Que Tu Me Quieres," a work of pop-reggaeton gold. He tinkers with a tantalizing trap groove on "Pide Lo Que Tú Quieras" while lyrically straddling between seduction and unbridled raunch. Brazen and quixotic, tender and provocative. I.R.

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