10 Best Latin Albums of 2017

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La Vida Bohème, 'La Lucha'

La Vida Bohème, 'La Lucha'

La Vida Bohème's self-imposed exile from their home of Venezuela would frame the hype surrounding the release of the synth-rock band's third album; and while there are certainly allusions to that chaotic move, La Lucha serves as more than a travelogue. Instead, the album chronicles the struggles of moving on with your life while separated from a home that exists only as a memory. Songs like single "Lejos," detailing the pain of a wanderer wistful for a simpler past, and closer "Domingo," a plea to a downtrodden comrade, focus on the power of hope against fear of the unknown. Indeed, among the onslaught of guitars and synthesizers, La Lucha's most powerful refrain is a one-minute interlude about the unbroken rise and fall of the sun and moon. But rather than cower, La Lucha sees optimism in the ordinariness of the world. A.C.