10 Best Latin Albums of 2017

Ozuna, Bomba Estéreo, Residente and more

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Juanes, 'Mis Planes Son Amarte'

Juanes, 'Mis Planes Son Amarte'

It can't be easy to serve as the token Latin artist for American award/talk/tribute shows while constantly having to live up to pop radio success. So let's appreciate the Colombian don's stunner of a visual album, Mis Planes Son Amarte, and its collection of sleek, professional, eclectic love songs. Some of them groove ("Angel"), others bang ("El Ratico") and a few of them float gently into space (the bluesy title track). What binds them all together is the meticulous craftsmanship in every note. And that's the key to Juanes' venerability – he cares about creating timeless songs that make people dance and cry and fall in love. A.C.

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