10 Best Latin Albums of 2016

Helado Negro, Alex Anwandter and more of the year's best from Latinx artists

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Ases Falsos, 'El Hombre Puede'

5. Ases Falsos, 'El Hombre Puede'

On their third album, Chilean rockers Ases Falsos continue refining a sound that can best be described as "Arctic Monkeys led by Juan Gabriel," sharing the latter's gallant emotionalism and the former's melodic, riff-heavy grooves. El Hombre Puede presents a more mature and contemplative Ases Falsos. In form and in content, many of the songs present a blend of youthful exuberance with the vulgarities of adulthood. Lead single "Gehena," for example, opens with singer Cristóbal Briceño pleading for his beau to help him "leave this dump" before later proclaiming "If I eat shit, let it be on my terms." And sonically, Ases Falsos remain as comfortable lighting up the dance floor ("Sal de Ahí," thumping album opener "Chakras") as they do crooning in the dark (the yearning "Mucho Más Mío"). A.C.

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