10 Best Country Albums of 2013

The ladies took the lead in Nashville

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Caitlin Rose, 'The Stand-In'
Courtesy of ATO8/10

8. Caitlin Rose, 'The Stand-In'

This 26-year-old Nashville singer is the daughter of Taylor Swift songwriter Liz Rose, but she puts a way-different spin on Nashville tradition than mom's co-worker. A former punk rocker, she brings muscle and a clear disdain for bullshit to songs rooted equally in honky-tonk and rock, with a craft that's probably genetic; see the perfect, pedal-steel-laced twisted-love inquiry "I Was Cruel." On "No One To Call," she sings about the tragedy of modern broadcasting: "My radio heart got broken/Now the songs I want to hear they never play." So she just wrote her own damn songs. Glad she did.

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