10 Best Cassettes of 2014

R.I.P. to the iPod — long live the boombox!

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Naomi Punk, 'Television Man'

9. Naomi Punk, 'Television Man'

Feelings are most certainly not on the menu here, unless "I am aggrieved by the world in ways that can only be expressed by an eight-minute noise-guitar groan called 'Rodeo Trash Pit'" counts as a feeling. This kind of sonic drift might sound unfocused in a digital format, but builds steadily on tape, especially if you're wearing your Walkman in the rain and your socks are wet. (Sad note: The Ukiah Drag cassette Jazz Mama Is Cryin' has a similar vibe and should have made this list, except I accidentally stepped on it back in August. Tapes are mortal.)

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