10 Best Cassettes of 2014

R.I.P. to the iPod — long live the boombox!

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Acid Fast, 'Rabid Moon'

5. Acid Fast, 'Rabid Moon'

Sometimes tapes are like bruises — you notice one and ask, "How did this get here?" then realize it's probably a shameful story. So I'm not sure how Acid Fast snuck into my boombox. Did I buy this tape? When? Why? But I put it on one night while cleaning the bathtub and had one of the top five tub-cleaning experiences of my life. Politically raging punk from Oakland, with a great song called "Tangle" that ends in a soundbite of a Grace Slick/Frank Zappa TV interview from the Eighties. Grace: "If I suddenly had to throw up and I left the room, would you stay here and do jokes? Or would you leave too?" Frank: "I'd leave." Hippies, man.

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