10 Best and Worst Moments from 2014's American Country Countdown Awards

From ham-it-up hosts to head-scratching performances, we single out the highs and lows of the live show

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Worst: The Arcade Game Set
Reba McEntire and Kix Brooks onstage at the ACC Awards. Kevin Winter/Getty Images9/10

Worst: The Arcade Game Set

If the ACCAs opened with an "Insert a Dollar to Begin" title card, we wouldn't have raised a brow. Thanks to a stage and backdrop that resembled a vetoed set from the Tron reboot, the show blinked and flashed like it was the Dave & Buster's Country Countdown. Sure, the awards are a product of country radio — and specifically the long-running American Country Countdown, hosted by Kix Brooks — but all the graphics depicting rotating transmitters and antennae were enough to make Marconi himself want to tune out.

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