10 Best and Worst Moments from 2014's American Country Countdown Awards

From ham-it-up hosts to head-scratching performances, we single out the highs and lows of the live show

Worst: Hank Williams Jr.'s Old Fart Song Choice
Hank Williams Jr. performs the final song of the night at the ACC Awards in Nashville. Kevin Winter/Getty Images1/10

Worst: Hank Williams Jr.'s Old Fart Song Choice

Props to the producers for including a country veteran in the ACCAs lineup. But it was an idea that looked better on paper than in execution. When Bocephus closed the show with a performance of his shopworn "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight," a collective head-scratch seemed to move through the crowd, with many turning to find the ballroom's exit. Williams looked defiant as always and, to his credit, wasn't phoning it in, but the now 30-year-old song may as well have been a cave painting to the show's target audience. After Hank Jr. donned a cap with "Icon" emblazoned in gold, the whole thing took a turn to the self-congratulatory that seemed as out of place as the appearance itself. (That is, unless he's the next legacy act to follow Reba and Ronnie Dunn's lead and sign with the new Nash Icon Music label.)

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