10 Best and Worst Moments from 2014's American Country Countdown Awards

From ham-it-up hosts to head-scratching performances, we single out the highs and lows of the live show

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Best: Vince Vaughn's Fish-Out-of-Water Cameo
Vince Vaughn presents the Groundbreaker Award to Kenny Chesney at the ACC Awards. Kevin Winter/Getty Images3/10

Best: Vince Vaughn's Fish-Out-of-Water Cameo

Every time cameras cut to Vince Vaughn in the audience, the actor and honorary bro had a look of total, unmitigated "what am I doing here?" confusion on his face. So why was Vaughn in the house last night? To present an award to Kenny Chesney, of course. And not just any award, but the ACCA's lifetime-achievement-y Groundbreaker award. "Few artists have single-handedly elevated country music to new heights," Vaughn said in a rudimentary speech. "They are the groundbreakers. Tour after tour, album after album, great song after great song, Kenny Chesney continues to thrill country fans and break ground as only he can," he continued, in what felt like a deleted scene from a Nashville-set Wedding Crashers sequel. Was this cameo intentionally funny? Doesn't matter.

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