10 Best and Worst Moments from 2014's American Country Countdown Awards

From ham-it-up hosts to head-scratching performances, we single out the highs and lows of the live show

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Best: Eric Church's Nostalgic
Eric Church performs at the ACC Awards. Kevin Winter/Getty Images8/10

Best: Eric Church's Nostalgic "Talladega"

If Eric Church's coming-of-age power ballad about fast cars and old friends didn't make viewers pine for yesteryear, his fashion throwback to the original Star Wars — via a black-and-white jacket that the Chief must've stolen from the Stormtroopers' locker room — definitely sealed the deal. After wrapping up the song, Church took a minute to thank each member of his band by name — a first for the evening — and informed the crowd that in a world of 99-cent digital singles and Spotify streams, albums still matter. Preach!

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