Review: Tori Amos Processes our Trump-Era Trauma on 'Native Invader'

Our take on the 15th album from the piano-balladeer

Tori Amos' 15th album is 'Native Invader.' Credit: Paulina Otylie Surys

Few artists are as deft as Tori Amos at writing about the ways people process pain. In these times of national trauma, then, a new LP from her feels uniquely urgent. Amos confronts the Trump era most effectively with "Broken Arrow" and "Up the Creek," darkly funky protests against white supremacy and climate ignorance. Elsewhere, she rolls through psychedelia ("Wildwood"), chilled-out trip-hop ("Wings") and her trademark passionate piano ballads ("Bang," "Mary's Eyes"), scattering political allusions like seed pearls. It adds up to one of the most purposeful full-length statements in her quarter-century career.