Review: Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Brassy Firepower on 'Tell Me You Love Me'

Our take on the sixth LP from the pop star

Demi Lovato's sixth album is 'Tell Me You Love Me' Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Demi Lovato is at her pop-princess best when her majestic wail takes over, as the high points of the singer's sixth album attest. The title track channels the brassy clamor of her 2015 smash "Confident" into maximum-overdrive R&B; "Sexy Dirty Love" throws back to the robo-funk era, with Lovato using its fluid bass line as a springboard for vocal pyrotechnics. The LP gets bogged down in chilled-out trap pop (see the Lil Wayne-assisted "Lonely"). But slow jams like "Concentrate" perfectly balance the downtempo and the energetic.