Parquet Courts: Live at Third Man Records

Brooklyn rockers rip through a ferocious concert album

Credit: Josh Brasted/Getty

Like many great art punks before them, Parquet Courts have a latent guitar-jam gene — one reason this revisitation of songs from 2014's Sunbathing Animal isn't superfluous. Another is raw power. Check the rave-up in "Bodies," three minutes of six-string pleasure bombs made sweatier, sparkier, gutsier. Even better is the set-capping run of "Instant Disassembly" into "Raw Milk" and "Into the Garden" — a 19-minute equivalent of the Dead's "Dark Star"/"St. Stephen" medley for panic-attack-prone millennials. The Parquet guys end the show on Sunbathing's hardcore-ish title track, just to remind us they ain't no damn hippies.