Palma Violets: Danger in the Club

English punk dudes get lovably sloppy on their second album

Credit: Ed Miles

Palma Violets came straight out of London in 2013 with a rollicking live show, a solid debut (180) and an endearing, Clash-y spirit. They can sound a little spoiled on their second album, griping about America with a snickering antipathy that hardly feels earned. Then again, these guys' re-enactment of the soccer-yob side of Seventies punk and pub rock is plenty idealistic — from the drunk-gang choruses to the Sixties garage-R&B mimicry to the splash-and-burn surf moves. The sense of sloshed brotherhood really comes through on the standout track "English Tongue," which leaves you with the happy image of the Palmas passed out under a tattered Union Jack.