Billy Idol: Kings & Queens of the Underground

Still rebel-yelling after all these years: Idol glowers on

Credit: Mike Pont/Getty

Decades after emerging as the "Sneer of the Year," Billy Idol's face seems to have gotten stuck that way. On the singer's first album in nearly 10 years, he's still brooding on the schmaltzy "Ghosts in My Guitar" and on the title track, an autobiographical mini rock opera. He even manages to re-create the UFO synth line from "Rebel Yell" on "Postcards From the Past." So much intensity can be unnerving coming from a man in his late fifties – but Idol makes up for it on the carefree "Can't Break Me Down," a punky pop tune with a "bang bang bang" chorus catchier than anything Fall Out Boy have written lately. Way to turn that frown upside down.