Peter Travers: ?Life As We Know It? Is a ?Monstrosity?

It’s a good thing the movie of the year is still in theaters, because as Peter Travers explains in his weekly At the Movies video, this weekend will bring three merely “okay” flicks — plus one romantic comedy that is "worse than you can imagine." Secretariat, the story of the Triple Crown-winning horse, boasts incredible race footage but suffers from a formulaic story. The film adaptation of the graphic novel Tamara Drewe, meanwhile, is only worth seeing for actress Gemma Arterton. And Nowhere Boy, the story of John Lennon’s youth, left Travers wanting more. This weekend's Scum Bucket flick? Life As We Know It — or, as Travers calls it, Crap As We Know It. This isn’t a rom-com, it’s a “monstrosity,” the latest in an ongoing series of terrible Katherine Heigl films.

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