"Four Christmases" or How to Turn Stupid into Box Office Gold

Is it possible to see Four Christmases and actually like it? Next week's box-office grosses will tell. Maybe word of mouth will be so bad that audiences will wise up and stay away. No knock on moviegoers for being curious. If you build a comedy — even a lousy one — with sass man Vince Vaughn and Oscar winning cutiepie Reese Witherspoon, they will come. And did they ever! The heavy-handed, holiday farce grossed a whopping $46.7 million for the Thanksgiving weekend, driving the vegan vampires of Twilight to $39 million and second place. The Twi-hards must have traded in multiple viewings for turkey and leftovers since the vamp epic declined a steep 62 percent from its opening week. Girls, get back out there — Twilight needs your help. Stupid movies, from Max Payne to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, have been topping the box-office for months with each studio claiming bragging rights. It's got to stop. No way does being No. 1 translate into being good. So fight back. I need to hear from those of you who shelled out hard cash for Four Christmases. Did you feel satisfied or scammed? Don't mince words.