14 Biggest Harry Potter Scandals of All Time

Lawsuits, parodies, love affairs, full frontal nudity and more

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2004: Professor Rumbledore and Mogmarts School

2004: Professor Rumbledore and Mogmarts School

Preventive Maintenance Monthly, a 60-year-old U.S. Army publication, printed a comic strip spoofing Harry Potter. The issue featured a character named Topper, a fellow who resided at Mogmarts School, which was run by one Professor Rumbledore. "At Mogmarts, wands need a light coating of LC40 once a week," stated one adorable panel that featured a McGonagall doppelganger. "Wizards who do battle with death-eaters need to polish their wands daily ... Using a dry wand in high capacity spells can lead to spontaneous combustion. Inflamousignitious! FROOSH!" PMM editor Ken Crunk claimed the characters bore no resemblance to the HP gang. (They did.) After Rowling's lawyers began investigating possible copyright infringement, the paper agreed not to use the characters again.

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