The 10 Best Oliver Stone Films

From 'Scarface' to 'W.,' the writer-director's most essential big-screen works

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Any Given Sunday (1999)
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9. Any Given Sunday (1999)

Pro football seems a step down in ambition for Stone, but this is an oddly enjoyable picture, notable for a couple of things: Al Pacino chewing his way, post-Heat-style, through his role as coach Tony D'Amato, the metal vs. hip-hop divide between the black and white players, James Woods as a corrupt team doctor, hits that sound like car crashes, Lawrence Taylor looking too old for his part and a really, really, too old Dennis Quaid as an aging quarterback. But it's best known as the dramatic film debut of Jamie Foxx, who does a hypnotic job as quarterback "Steamin'" Willie Beamen.

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