Rushmore, Rush-less: Wes Anderson's Films, From Worst to Best

Rolling Stone looks back at 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' director's career and ranks the movies

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11. 'Bottle Rocket': The Short (1994)

This is the short that started it all. It got the feature version of Bottle Rocket financed and began Anderson's career, as well as the career of his childhood friends Owen and Luke Wilson  — so we have to give it loads of credit just for that alone. It's an engaging little film, and an interesting look at the director's style in embryonic fashion. It's rough, black and white, 16mm – at first glance, a far cry from the kind of maximalism that today cries out "Wes Anderson." But peer closer and you'll catch the visual whimsy and the casual precision that would become his signature. Yes, it's hard to look at this and predict, say, The Royal Tenenbaums. But it's clearly the work of a young man who is about to do great things. 

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