Watch Zac Efron, Adam Devine Get Raunchy in 'Wedding Dates' Trailer

'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' clip features trampoline accidents, porn-binging and a trashy Anna Kendrick

Adam Devine and Zac Efron have to find the "perfect" pair for a family function in the first trailer for the raunch-com 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.' The movie costars Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick.

Trampoline accidents, porn binging, Zac Efron crying some very snotty tears, Adam Devine hitting his sister with an ATV and Anna kendrick and Aubrey Plaza getting superfreaky — these are just a few of highlights of the first trailer for the raunchy summer comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Devine and Efron star as Mike and Dave, a pair of fratboy-ish siblings who "rile each other up," as their father indicates. Their family decides that in order to avoid the pair's destructive antics ruining their sister's marriage, the boys need to find dates for the Hawaiian wedding.

In turn, Mike and Dave take their search for to The Wendy Williams Show, attracting the attention of Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza — a pair of hard-partying young women who decide that they'll play "nice" and win over the brothers for long enough to get a free trip to Hawaii. However, Mike and Dave soon learn that their dates may be more of a liability to their sister's perfect wedding than they thought.

The comedy hits theaters on July 8th. Prior to the trailer's release, Efron, Devine and Kendrick joined James Corden for a Late Late Show bit where they recreated the history of sports movies.