Watch Shia LaBeouf Ask Strangers to 'Touch My Soul'

Controversial 'Transformers' star asks strangers to call him on the phone and #TouchHisSoul

Video highlights from Shia LaBeouf's #TouchMySoul, a new piece of performance art in which the actor speaks to strangers on the phone

Last November, Shia LaBeouf publicly endured a marathon screening of his entire film career for a project that he called #ALLMYMOVIES — and now, less than a month later, the Transformers star has launched his next piece of performance art: #TOUCHMYSOUL.

From December 10th through December 13th, LaBeouf (and his creative partners Nastja Säde Rökkö and Luke Turner) sat in an English gallery in Liverpool and, via a phone number displayed outside the venue, fielded more than one thousand calls from strangers around the world and asked them: "Can you touch my soul?" The resulting 10-minute short film documents the actor having phone conversations with a disabled child, a wrestling fetishist, and an emotionally overwhelmed Egyptian man, among others.

According to the artists' description, the project was to reexamine the hyper-connected modern world and ask "how we can truly connect with another person across the networks, what that feels like, and how we can be moved by such an encounter." Some of the excahnges were beautiful, some were hostile, but — as the video makes clear — all of them were as genuine as they were unpredictable. 

For more information about LaBeouf, Rönkkö, & Turner, and for details about all of their previous projects, visit the collective’s official website.