'Star Wars' to Be Released as a Videocassette

It could be the hottest cassette ever and spur VCR sales

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in 'Star Wars.' Credit: ©Lucasfilm Ltd./Courtesy Everett Collection

Within the next few weeks, Twentieth Century Fox will announce that it's releasing the all-time box-office smash Star Wars on videocassette. It could be the hottest cassette ever and may spur other VCR sales. The Star Wars cassette will be specially designed and coded so that copying it will be extremely expensive, if not impossible, according to a Fox spokesman. And, if copies are made, tracing the source tape will be possible. Although the marketing details have yet to be worked out between Fox Video and George Lucas' Lucasfilm Ltd. studios, the cassette probably will be released only for rental and not for sale.

This story is from the June 10th, 1982 issue of Rolling Stone.