'Sharknado' Washes Over Twitter

Bloody SyFy movie makes waves over Hollywood

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid in 'Sharknado' Credit: Syfy

Sharknado, SyFy's latest monster-mutation movie, sent viewers into a flurry last night, reports The L.A. Times. The 90-minute film, which stars Tara Reid and Beverly Hills, 90210's Ian Ziering, concerns three shark-filled tornados that take the L.A. area by storm. Ziering, a bar owner, attempts to blast the hammerheads, Great Whites and other species to smithereens with a series of homemade bombs (really). 

Viewers took to Twitter in droves with a combination of excitement, sarcasm and confusion, but a general sense of being entertained. If nothing else, the movie sparked discussion. According to CNN, "It's perfect fodder for the Twitterverse, where hashtag #Sharknado was a top trending topic early Friday."

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Celebrities also got in on the fun. Mia Farrow tweeted photos of herself alongside a mock-serious Philip Roth reading, "We're watching #sharknado. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING." The actress later tweeted "Omg omg OMG," which prompted a response from Olivia Wilde, who said she recorded it based on Farrow's review. The Shield producer Shawn Ryan tweeted a photo with Michael Phelps which read, "I've got a secret weapon in case of a #sharknado attack."

There is no word yet on whether SyFy is planning a Sharknado sequel. Check out some of the best reactions on Twitter below.