Jamie Foxx Steps Out as Electro on 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Set

Take a first look at the web slinger's next foe

Jamie Foxx as Electro/Max Dillon on the set of 'Amazing Spiderman 2' in New York City on April 15th, 2013. Credit: Bobby Bank/WireImage

Jamie Foxx was spotted in elaborate costume as his next character, the villainous Electro, as he filmed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Times Square yesterday.

CelebBuzz has a handful of photos of the actor donning mounds of makeup to create an eerie, pocked, pale blue face that turns vibrant under the right lights. In the Spider-Man franchise, Electro is the evil alias of Maxwell Dillon, an engineer who gained the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning while fixing a power line.

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